Travessa Fonte 91 4500-553
Anta ESPINHO Portugal
Email : | Telefone : 227321529


Travessa Fonte 91 4500-553
Anta ESPINHO Portugal
Email : | Telefone : 227321529


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For more than 20 years, we have provided a unique refuge for families and their loved ones who have been impacted by addiction and mental health issues. Our name has stood the test of time. Every day, we indulge in clinically sophisticated treatment, in a place our patients are proud to call home. We have seen unique individuals, each with their own story, struggle not only with addiction, but also with underlying issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, shame, guilt, chronic pain, and behaviors. compulsive addictions that have thwarted all previous attempts to break free from addiction and recover. But we have also seen true “miracles”.


These are our promises:
• A higher staff-pacient ratio than most treatment centers (3-to-1);

A more cohesive specialist team with a collective mission (the patient);
A 20 year history of recovered former residents and real ongoing care;
An effective mix of evidence-based traditional and alternative therapies;
No tricks. There are no constraint-based methods. The patient will feel at home;
Practically individual attention and care for each day that passes at the SAE;
An exceptional standard of care and follow-up.​






Therapeutic approach to addictive and associated pathological disorders for full integration into the Center;


Continue to be a national reference in terms of the quality and assistance provided, as well as in terms of the results obtained;


We are guided by intervening with Quality, Adaptability, Honesty and Humanism.

1. We are dedicated to restoring lives, one day at a time;


2. Provide the highest quality of individualized care;


3. We maintain a high team-client ratio to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of the needs of those we serve;


4. We are a unique company built on integrity, professionalism and compassion;


5. We do our best to continue to build on our legacy by continuing to exceed the expectations of our patients and their families;


6. We are committed to professional ethics, continuous improvement of our professionals, our service and facilities.

The S.A.E. is dedicated to providing the highest quality individualized treatment for addiction in an environment of caring and compassion.

Confidentiality is maintained with the utmost respect.

We treat each client with dignity and strive to replace hopelessness, fear and despair with optimism, hope and a new way of looking at life. We offer a gateway to a life of sobriety, filled with new awareness, insight, and a host of life skills and competencies.

Our team of professionals is committed to excellence, providing our patients with personalized and close monitoring, which promotes the perception and conviction that their goals and dreams can be realized.


The SAE team is fully invested in our patients' positive outcomes. No matter what your area of ​​expertise, the SAE team works with you and your family to develop an individualized treatment plan specially designed for your needs. The goal of each team member is to guide each patient respectfully and professionally through each stage of recovery. It is our goal to provide an unparalleled recovery experience.


Dr. Margarida Monteiro

(Social Worker  and Addiction Counselor)


Dr. Guilherme Moreira
(Family doctor, competence in clinical addictionology)



Dr. Margarida Monteiro
(Social Worker and Addiction Counselor )



Dr. Elodie Pereira

(Master in Psychology and Addiction Counselor)



Luciano Castelletto

(Counseling Technician in Addiction Diseases from the Netherlands)

Dr. Rui Moreira

(Psychiatric Doctor)



Sérgio Miguel Gomes



Jorge Teixeira


Hernâni Carregosa