Travessa Fonte 91 4500-553
Anta ESPINHO Portugal
Email : | Telefone : 227321529

Travessa Fonte 91 4500-553
Anta ESPINHO Portugal
Email : | Telefone : 227321529


Our goal is to provide a proper help to those who suffer from drug and / or alcohol addiction. Contact us




For more than 20 years, we have offered a unique haven for families and their loved ones who have suffered the impact of addiction and mental health problems. Our name has stood the test of time. Every day we dive in a clinically sophisticated treatment in a place where our clients are proud to call home. We have seen unique individuals, each with his own story, struggling not only with addiction, but also with underlying issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, shame, guilt, chronic pain, and compulsive behaviors that have frustrated all previous attempts to free themselves from addiction and to recover. But we have also seen true "miracles".


These are our promises:
• A higher staff-pacient ratio than most treatment centers (3-to-1)

• The most cohesive specialist team with a collective mission (the client)
• A 20-year history with former recovered residents and real continuous care
• An effective blend of traditional and alternative therapies based on evidence.
• No tricks. There are no methods based on constraint. You will feel at home.
• Almost individual care and attention, every day you go on in SAE.
• An exceptional standard of care and follow-up.






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S.A.E. is dedicated to providing an individualized treatment of the highest quality for addiction in an environment of warmth and compassion. Confidentiality is maintained with the utmost respect. We treat each pacient with dignity and strive to replace hopelessness, fear and despair with optimism, hope, and a new way of looking at life. We offer a gateway to a life of sobriety, filled with new awareness, discernment, and a range of life skills and competences.
Our team of professionals is committed to the maximum of excellence, providing our clients with a personalized and close monitoring, which promotes the perception and the conviction that their goals and dreams can be realized.

The SAE team is fully invested in the positive results of our pacients. No matter what their area of expertise is, the SAE staff works with the pacient and his family to develop an individualized treatment plan tailored to their needs. The goal of each staff member is to guide you with respect and professionalism through each stage of recovery. Our goal is to provide an unmatched recovery experience.

Le recensioni dei nostri clienti

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Drº Rui Moreira
(Psychiatric Doctor)


DRª Margarida Monteiro

(Superior Social Work Technician and Counseling Technician in Addiction Diseases)



Drª Paula Carvalho



Drª Margarida Monteiro
(Superior Social Work Technician and Counseling Technician in Addiction Diseases)


Drª Carla Guedes
(Master in Clinical Psychology and Counseling Technique in Addiction Disorders)


Drª Tatiana Pereira

(Master in Clinical and Health Psychology and Postgraduate Degree in Deviant Behavior)



Drº Jorge Teixeira

Drº Fernando Lopes Ferreira

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